Connie Swartz started Creative Courseware in 1984 on her dining room table. 

She already had over 15 years of experience in Computer-Based Training (CBT). Those years of creating storyboards, writing code, and punching 80-column cards somehow made her think she could start and run a company. Connie's unique mix of technical experience, naïveté, and lessons learned along the way all contributed to her founding vision for Creative Courseware.

The company's name comes from terminology that was standard at that time. You see, in 1984, three categories of “stuff” covered everything that existed in the world of computing:

  • Hardware – computers, printers, and such
  • Software – machine coding that told the computers, printers, and such what to do
  • Courseware – online training for how to use the computers, printers, and such

Cheri Stubblefield joined the company in 1990. She brought expertise in instructional design, development, and delivery based on her experience in education, both as a classroom teacher and as part of a cadre that mentored other teachers. Cheri and Connie soon found that their complementary skill sets and work styles were the perfect mix for business success. And happily, their personalities have made for a perfect business partnership as they have shaped today's Creative Courseware.

That shaping of the company continues. From the beginning, staying current has been a big part of the company's history. Creative Courseware evolves along with technology and business trends—defining and redefining who we are to meet the needs of the organizations we work with.