We’ve been around since 1984, helping companies and organizations create training and other materials that capture their intellectual property (IP) and increase its value.

Every client and project has been different. All the materials we develop are customized—designed to fit your specific needs. Nothing off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all. We're strictly about custom tailoring.

Our work helps to maximize the value of your IP. Over the years, this mission has directed our efforts and driven the outcomes we achieve.


We've long been known for developing high-quality classroom training materials, all customized to the particular client.

We're equally recognized for our online training expertise.


Documentation is another of our strengths. Whatever we write—from software user manuals to processes and procedures—we make sure it's clear and concise so people can actually use it to do their jobs.

Consult and Coach

As performance consultants, we design and develop ways of improving job performance beyond training alone.

We also work as coaches alongside you and your team, helping you achieve your unique goals.